Alternatives to ‘Throwing’ Rice/Confetti at a Wedding

So many brides ask us – ‘Where did the custom of ‘throwing’ at the bride and groom originate?’ We patiently answer that this custom dates a long time back and is thought to have originated to wish the couple with fertility and prosperity by throwing food grains at them. Couples later modified it to suit their wishes. Some wished for fragrant petals and some others wished for greener alternatives like birdseed at their weddings.

Pat comes the next question – ‘Is it necessary that people throw something? Are there not any alternatives? Can this custom be done away with?’ Our answer is that while it is a matter of personal choice to go with or dump this custom at your wedding, there certainly exist many alternatives. Here are many possible alternatives:

Throwing Something Else

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Here is a list of things that can be ‘thrown’ at the couple as they leave:

1. Rice

2. Birdseed or Organic Millet

3. Rose Petals

4. Lavender Buds

5. Confetti

6. Eco-friendly Confetti

7. Sunflower Seeds for a Summer Wedding

8. Seasonal Flower Petals

9. Popcorn

Note: Use freeze dried petals to ensure they do not stain upon being crushed.

Alternatives to Throwing

1. Blowing Bubbles – Note that the soap water may cause stains on dresses. Bubbles are available cheaply to suit every color scheme or theme.

2. Releasing Balloons – If you are having an outdoor ceremony, tie balloons loosely to the guests’ chairs. Balloons can be personalized by getting them printed and are available in every color to match your wedding colors. They look beautiful when released together.

3. Ringing Bells – Give guests little bells engraved or tied with personalized ribbon to ring as the couple leaves. Bells can be taken home as a keepsake.

4. Releasing Butterflies – If you are not averse to using live creatures, give guests a live butterfly, each packaged and ask for them to be released as you leave. Makes for a lovely sight as well. Caution: Make sure the butterflies come from a good source and are in good health. Some of them fall to the ground as soon as released which is very depressing and cruel. Skip doing this if you are not sure.

5. Sparklers – Hand adults sparklers and kids some light sticks to wave as you leave.

Completely Skipping the Custom

Many brides and grooms are opting to completely skip the throwing custom. And most of them swear that the custom was not missed at all. Your guests can simply cheer, clap and wave as you leave and assemble for the bouquet toss.